GST Effects: Do cars become costlier?


GST has now arrived and is ready to be implemented on the stroke of midnight on June 30, 2017. People are worried whether there will be an increase in the car and bike prices due to implementation of GST. There are different costs which are involved in the purchase of car and bike for the end user. We will do a comparison of such costs prior and under GST.

Costs involved in purchasing a vehicle under current laws

Registration charges will be mostly neutral under GST. Major changes under GST would impact the cost of the vehicle and the motor insurance charges. VAT & service tax is charged currently on the cost of the vehicle. Different rates have been provided for different kind of vehicles.

All vehicles will be charged GST at the rate of 28 percent and specified cess for the vehicle. For bikes, which has an engine less than 350CC, no cess will be charged under GST as these are considered a necessity and not luxury. Small cars, which have an engine of less than 1200CC, are also deemed necessary and, therefore, will only be charged cess at the rate of 1 percent over and above GST at the rate of 28 percent. It is a surprise that the yachts, aircraft, personal jets and small cars with an engine over 1200CC would be charged cess at the rate of 3 percent. Medium segment cars less than 1500CC, SUVs and bikes having an engine of more than 350CC will be charged cess at the rate of 15 percent. High-end hybrid cars like Mclaren P1, Porsche 918 Spyder, Laferrari would be charged cess at the rate of 15 percent.
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1Impact of GST Rate on Purchase Price

Small cars are charged a similar rate of 28 percent as compared to the mentioned GST rates and prices of such cars are expected to reduce due to the input tax credit on services available to car manufacturers under GST. Mid-segment cars are expected to be neutral as there are similar rates under both laws. SUVs and luxury cars are expected to get expensive due to costs associated with accessories despite the net tax charged under GST (43 percent) is less compared to the current net tax of 45-46 percent. Bikes like Harley Davidson, Suzuki Hayabusa might get costlier due to the 3 percent cess charged.



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